Grace Lutheran Church

Your Salvation

How Important is it?

Your salvation. It is a serious thing.

​You must think so, or at least be minimally interested,
to have come to read this far.

​​It is a serious thing. Serious enough that for you, God sent His Son in the person of Christ Jesus to suffer and die in your place for the forgiveness of your sins.

​And this is why we are here. To tell you that.  To tell you that Good News.  Jesus has won you from death and the devil.  He has done it all. Not for just some of your sins; not just for the one’s up to today and now you have to do your part; not just the minor ones. (and to God, there is no “minor” sin.) You know in your heart what you read is true. Perhaps you’ve always known and you just forgot about your eternal soul.  Perhaps you’ve not heard this before and it’s news to you.  Perhaps you’ve known, but have resisted, believing the lies of logic, reasoning, the world and the devil.

Jesus comes only for sinners.  Come to Grace and receive Jesus, right where He has promised He will be - In His Word and in His Sacrament.  This is why we say our Divine Service is an experience out of this world.  For nowhere in the world will you definitely find Jesus.  In Divine Service, it is not about you paying tribute to a distant and angry creator. ​

It’s all about God coming to you, for you.

​Come, join us and find out for yourself.  It is your soul. It is your salvation.